Bob Kelly

Orgy with mom


Joyce Lankin sat in the living room of her home sipping a tall Scotch and soda and staring at the clock on the wall. It was her fifth stiff drink of the afternoon and she was well on her way to being totally smashed. And the itch in her hot cunt wasn't helping matters. Her eyes blurred out of focus as they tried to follow the sweep hand on the expensive clock.

Even though the sun burned brightly outside, the plushly furnished room was semi-dark. Joyce had drawn heavy drapes across the windows. A single lamp burned in the large room, casting shadows over her half-naked body.

Joyce was waiting… waiting for her son!

That morning, she had decided to put an end to the torment that raged within her. Joyce had decided to face the facts. Billy, her eighteen-year-old son, turned her on. And there was nothing she could do about it.

For months she had tried to put him out of her mind. She tried not to think of the firmness of his thighs, or the way his prick bulged against the front of his skin-tight jeans. But he was always there, always near her.

Joyce had watched her son grow from a child to a man. She had seen the muscles in his arms and back harden into strong hands. She longed to let her fingers outline them against his bare skin, feel the heat of his body against her own.

And Joyce had watched her son grow emotionally too. When her husband of eighteen years ran off with the twenty-year-old secretary he was fucking at the office, Billy seemed to understand. He was only fourteen at the time, but Joyce knew that her son understood.

And from that moment on, he was no longer a little boy. He was given more responsibility around the house, Joyce had gotten a nice alimony settlement from her ex-husband, and she allowed Billy a free hand with the money.

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