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Eric Flint



Ричард Вудмен

The sixth book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series Another installment in Woodman's ongoing series featuring Nathaniel Drinkwater of the British Navy. Here, Drinkwater is the skipper of the British vessel Antigone, which is massing with other Royal Navy ships as part of Admiral Nelson's blockade against Napoleon's fleet in what would be the disastrous Battle of Trafalgar. Drinkwater, however, is captured by the French and soon is on the receiving end of the British bombardment.


Robert Conroy

The Civil War comes alive in all its passion and fury – only now the Brits are fighting… alongside the Confederacy Outraged when the U.S. Navy seizes three Confederates aboard an English sailing ship, Britain retaliates by entering the fray in support of the Rebels – and suddenly it's a whole new war. Once again, cotton is king as the North's blockade crumbles before the might of the Royal Navy. While Lincoln confronts the monumental challenge of vanquishing mighty Britannia, the Redcoats revive their 1812 penchant for burning down American cities, and Union troops see Canada as ripe for the picking. From the Mississippi bayou to the Pennsylvania farmlands to the woods of Maine, the great armies of Generals Grant and Lee face off in the nation's deadliest conflict. And to the victor goes history.

188 dni i nocy

Janusz Wiśniewski, Małgorzata Domagalik

Z okruchów uczuć i emocji, drobnych i większych spraw, nocą i dniem, powstawała ta niezwykła książka. Przez 188 dni i nocy Małgorzata Domagalik i Janusz L. Wiśniewski pisali do siebie e-maile o przyjaźni, miłości, samotności, o tym, co codzienne i wyjątkowe. Przytrafiały im się przedziwne i całkiem zwyczajne historie. Czasem, jak to mężczyzna i kobieta, nie do końca się rozumieli, ale wciąż byli ciekawi siebie. Rozważali, jakie są współczesne kobiety, a jacy mężczyźni, co ich dzieli, a co łączy, czym jest miłość, zdrada, feminizm. Jest w tej książce wiele błyskotliwego fechtunku na słowa i równie błyskotliwych ripost. Jest trochę gry, ale więcej wzajemnej życzliwości, zrozumienia i zadumy. Tego co przeżyli, osiągnęli, co jest dla nich aktualnie najważniejsze. Nie sposób zatem było uniknąć opowieści o dalszych losach bohaterów S@motności w sieci i rozmów o "siostrzanych uczuciach". Mamy zatem w "188 dni i nocy" literaturę i życie.


Robert Conroy

“The yarn is likely to please both military history and alternate history buffs… The writing… keeps us turning the pages.” – Booklist “An intriguing blend of historical fact and fiction.” – Detroit Free Press “A solid what-if historical… Cleverly conceived.” – Publishers Weekly The year is 1901. Germany 's navy is the second largest in the world; their army, the most powerful. But with the exception of a small piece of Africa and a few minor islands in the Pacific, Germany is without an empire. Kaiser Wilhelm II demands that the United States surrender its newly acquired territories: Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines. President McKinley indignantly refuses, so with the honor and economic future of the Reich at stake, the Kaiser launches an invasion of the United States, striking first on Long Island. Now the Americans, with their army largely disbanded, must defend the homeland. When McKinley suffers a fatal heart attack, the new commander in chief, Theodore…


Robert Conroy


1944-1945 - Le triomphe de la liberté

Max Gallo

Bientôt le Débarquement, bientôt la Libération, c'est ce qu'espèrent les Français en janvier 1944. Mais le chemin est encore long jusqu'au tombeau du IIIe Reich, la capitulation allemande. C'est cette marche vers le triomphe de la liberté que Max Gallo raconte, achevant ainsi sa grande Histoire de la Seconde guerre mondiale. 1944: Roosevelt et Churchill mettent en place le débarquement des troupes anglo-américaines sur les côtes normandes prévu le 6 juin 1944. De Gaulle, maintenu à l'écart, rêve de fouler le sol français libéré par son peuple et de rendre à la France sa souveraineté. Prises en étau par les forces alliées, les puissances de l'Axe capitulent les unes après les autres. En France, la violence monte, barbare, sanglante. La Résistance s'unit et s'organise, les maquisards des Glières et du Vercors se sacrifient, alors que miliciens, collaborateurs et soldats allemands, en représailles, massacrent des innocents. Hitler, qui échappe à un attentat fomenté…


Robert Conroy

America has dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But Japan has only begun to fight… In 1945, history has reached a turning point. A terrible new weapon has been unleashed. Japan has no choice but to surrender. But instead, the unthinkable occurs. With their nation burned and shattered, Japanese fanatics set in motion a horrifying endgame – their aim: to take America down with them. In Robert Conroy’s brilliantly imagined epic tale of World War II, Emperor Hirohito’s capitulation is hijacked by extremists and a weary United States is forced to invade Japan as a last step in a war that has already cost so many lives. As the Japanese lash out with tactics that no one has ever faced before – from POWs used as human shields to a rain of kamikaze attacks that take out the highest-value target in the Pacific command – the invasion’s success is suddenly in doubt. As America ’s streets erupt in rioting, history will turn on the acts of a few key players from the fiery…