The Seventh Pan Book of Horror Stories

Selected вy Herbert van Thal


Mr Charles Benfleet for the man who hated flies.

Mr R. Chetwynd-Hayes and London Authors for the thing.

Mr G. M. Glaskin and David Higham Associates Limited for the return.

Mr David Grant and London Authors for the bats.

Miss Dulcie Gray and London Authors for the fur brooch and dream house.

Mr Harry Harrison and Victor Gollancz Limited for the streets of ashkelon from Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows.

Miss Patricia Highsmith and A. M. Heath & Company Limited for the snail watcher.

The Executors of the late W. W. Jacobs and The Society of Authors for the monkey's paw.

Mr John D. Keefauver and London Authors for the last experiment and mareta.

Mrs Irene Morris for I'll never leave you — ever.

Mr William Sansom for a smell of fear,

Mr William Sansom and The Hogarth Press for the little room from Something Terrible, Something Lovely.

Miss Rosemary Timperley and Harvey Unna Limited for street of the blind donkey.

Mr Martin Waddell and London Authors for cannibals and the old adam.

Miss Elizabeth Walter and The Harvill Press Limited for the island of regrets from Snowfall.


By Charles J. Benfleet

I first knew Hugo Latymer when he was a newly-appointed assistant housemaster and I, a mere ten years his junior, was in my final year at school. He took the Upper Sixth for Chemistry, but the main appeal of his classes was the way he could be side-tracked into talking about virtually anything else under the sun. Most of all I enjoyed the lengthy discussions on quasi-scientific subjects — telepathy, telekinesis, spiritualism and the like.

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