(The third book in the Faeriewalker series)

A novel by Jenna Black

To Sibyl, who helped me learn some of the lessons Dana had to learn in this book, but without any death or dismemberment.


My thanks to the many great people at St. Martin’s, especially my editor, Jennifer Weis, and her assistant, Mollie Traver. Thanks to my agent, Miriam Kriss, who dropped everything to read this manuscript overnight when I got horribly stuck. Not only that, she even managed to get me unstuck! My thanks also to my husband, Dan, who is my first reader for all my books and gets to share in the joys of the deadline crunch. And lastly, thanks to the Deadline Dames, who are always there for me when I need some words of encouragement. You rock!

Chapter One

I hate politics. Too bad my father is a big-deal Fae politician, hoping to get bigger. Also too bad that I’d run away from home to escape my alcoholic mother and live with my father in hopes of a more normal life, because what I’d gotten was a heaping helping of anything-but-normal, with a side order of mortal danger. Which is how I found myself dressed in an insanely expensive midnight-blue evening dress—wearing heels, no less—and being escorted by my tux-clad father to a fancy state dinner I wanted no part of.

The dinner was at the Consul’s mansion. My dad and I joined the glittering cream of Avalon high society, waiting in line between the velvet ropes as a pair of Knights controlled traffic and checked invitations. I’d never been to an event anywhere near as formal as this before, and I wouldn’t have been at this one if my dad hadn’t insisted.

When I came to Avalon, the only place where the mortal world and Faerie intersect, I already knew my father was some kind of big-deal Fae.

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