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Another classic mystery from the 'Master of the Clever Twist'. One summer's day in 1981 a two-year-old girl, Tamsin Hall, was abducted during a picnic at the famous prehistoric site of Avebury in Wiltshire. Her seven-year-old sister Miranda was knocked down and killed by the abductor's van. The girls were in the care of their nanny, Sally Wilkinson. One of the witnesses to this tragic event was David Umber, a Phd student who was waiting at the village pub to keep an appointment with a man called Griffin. But Griffin failed to show up, and Umber never heard from him again. Tamsin Hall was never seen again either. 'He is a superb storyteller' Sunday Independent 'Cliff-hanging entertainment' Guardian 'Had me utterly spellbound… Cracking good entertainment' Washington Post 'Takes the reader on a journey from which he knows he will not deviate until the final destination is reached' Evening Standard 'Combines the steely edge of a thriller with the suspense of a whodunnit, all interlaced with subtle romantic overtones' Time Out 'An atmosphere of taut menace… Suspense is heightened by shadows of betrayal and revenge' Daily Telegraph 'A thriller in the classic storytelling sense… Hugely enjoyable' The Times When it comes to duplicity and intrigue, Goddard is second to none. He is a master of manipulation… a hypnotic, unputdownable thriller' Daily Mail 'Combines the expert suspense manipulation skills of a Daphne du Maurier romance with those of a John le Carre thriller' New York Times 'A cracker, twisting, turning and exploding with real skill' Daily Mirror 'His narrative power, strength of characterisation and superb plots, plus the ability to convey the atmosphere of the period quite brilliantly, make him compelling reading' Books