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Revelation Drew Karpyshyn

Every advanced society in the galaxy relies on the technology of the Protheans, an ancient species that vanished fifty thousand years ago. After discovering a cache of Prothean technology on Mars in 2148, humanity is spreading to the stars; the newest interstellar species, struggling to carve out its place in the greater galactic community. On the edge of colonized space, ship commander and Alliance war hero David Anderson investigates the remains of a top secret military research station; smoking ruins littered with bodies and unanswered questions. Who attacked this post and for what purpose? And where is Kahlee Sanders, the young scientist who mysteriously vanished from the base—hours before her colleagues were slaughtered? Sanders is now the prime suspect, but finding her creates more problems for Anderson than it solves. Partnered with a rogue alien agent he can’t trust and pursued by an assassin he can’t escape, Anderson battles impossible odds on uncharted worlds to uncover…

Компьютерное подполье. Истории о хакинге,… Сьюлетт Дрейфус

При техническом содействии австралийского хакера Джулиана Ассанже талантливой журналистке удалось проникнуть в тесно граничащий с криминалом мир хакерского подполья в США, Австралии и Великобритании. Помимо аккуратно фиксируемых технических подробностей, в фокусе повествования постоянно находятся живые люди, стоящие за всеми этими проникновениями. Порой блестящие до гениальности, порой одержимые, многие из этих хакеров так втянулись в свое «дело», что в конце концов стали социальными изгоями. Кто-то закончил наркотиками и безумием, кого-то…

Guardians Of The Keep Carol Berg

For the boys. And you thought the garage was tough… The builders did bow before the castle lord and say to him that his fortress was complete. But the lord declared the castle not yet strong enough, for his enemies were powerful and many. And so the lord commanded the builders to set an iron ring into the stone on the battlements at each compass point of the keep, and he chose his four strongest warriors to sanctify his fortress with their lives. One of the four was chained to each of the rings and charged to watch for marauders who might appear from any point along the sweeping horizon. At every hour the watch bells were rung to ensure the warriors did not sleep, and none were allowed to speak to them lest they be distracted from their duty. Through burning autumn and into bitter winter the four stood watch, allowed no shelter, no comfort, and no respite, believing that their faithfulness and honor would protect their lord’s stronghold long after their eyes and ears had failed. And…

Island in the Sea of Time S.M. Stirling

A cosmic disturbance transports the island of Nantucket and its inhabitants over three thousand years back in time to the shores of a Stone Age America. In addition to coping with the day-to-day problems of survival and the trauma of losing all connection with the modern world, the residents of the time-stranded island find their lives complicated by the presence of native tribes across the water. Stirling's (The Ship Avenged, Baen, 1997) imaginative foray into time travel should also please fans of alternate history.

The Road Cormac McCarthy

A searing, postapocalyptic novel destined to become Cormac McCarthy's masterpiece. A father and his son walk alone through burned America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. It is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. They sky is dark. Their destination is the coast, although they don't know what, if anything, awaits them there. They have nothing; just a pistol to defend themselves against the lawless bands that stalk the road, the clothes they are wearing, a cart of scavenged food – and each other. The Road is the profoundly moving story of a journey. It boldly imagines a future in which no hope remains, but in which the father and his son, "each the other's world entire," are sustained by love. Awesome in the totality of its vision, it is an unflinching meditation on the worst and the best that we are capable of: ultimate destructiveness, desperate tenacity, and the tenderness that keeps two people alive in the face of total…

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump Harry Turtledove

David Fisher is an EPA agent, assigned to investigate possible leaking from the Devonshire dump site, in part because of an increase of birth defects in the surrounding area. The most devastating birth defect is aphysica, being born without a soul. In this world the Other Side is very real and all the religions have their actual spiritual counterpart. The gods and whatnot need adoration to survive, so sometimes religions that lose adherents became endangered, and artificial temples and worshippers are made to save the entity. Fisher gets deeper and deeper into what turns into a plot to revive one of the most evil spirits in both Worlds.

The Enchanter Completed David Drake

For seven decades, L. Sprague de Camp was a giant in both science fiction and fantasy, renowned for his fast-moving action-adventure tales with a strong humorous element. Now, Hugo-winner and best-selling author Harry Turtledove has gathered together top writers in SF and fantasy to write stories in the same humorous adventure vein which de Camp practically invented. On board are Poul Anderson, Frederik Pohl, David Drake, Judith Tarr, Esther M. Friesner, S.M. Stirling, Michael F. Flynn, Turtledove himself and more.

Desgracia J. Coetzee

A los cincuenta y dos años, David Lurie tiene poco de lo que enorgullecerse. Con dos divorcios a sus espaldas, apaciguar el deseo es su única aspiración, sus clases en la universidad son un mero trámite para él y para los estudiantes. Cuando se destapa su relación con una alumna, David, en un acto de soberbia, preferirá renunciar a su puesto antes que disculparse en público. Rechazado por todos, abandona Ciudad del Cabo y va a visitar la granja de su hija Lucy. Allí, en una sociedad donde los códigos de comportamiento, sean de blancos o de negros, han cambiado, donde el idioma es una herramienta viciada que no sirve a este mundo naciente, David verá hacerse añicos todas sus creencias en una tarde de violencia implacable. Una historia profunda, extraordinaria, que por momentos atenaza el corazón, y siempre, hasta el final, subyuga.

Barabbas Par Lagerkvist

Nobel Prize Winners The central crisis of the Modern Age is the crisis of faith, the failure of our belief in God. Our disbelief is an inevitable outgrowth of increased scientific understanding of the world around us, particularly in the realms of Physics and Evolutionary theory. It is a predictable corollary of the individualistic political and economic doctrines we have adopted with such success. And to a little appreciated degree, it is a function of the material comfort that we enjoy. Taken together, all of these factors have removed ignorance, superstition, subservience and desperation as reasons to believe in religion. Since Reason would require proof of God's existence, which it is probably impossible to provide, all that's really left is simple faith and, from what we've seen this past century, faith is not enough. There is much that is good about this liberation, the freeing of man from God, but there are also some terrible consequences. The most important consequence is the removal…

Bundori: A Novel Of Japan Laura Rowland

From Publishers Weekly Brutal murders linked to an ancient betrayal send late 17th-century Tokyo into a panic. They also spell big trouble for the Shogun's special investigator, Sano Ichiro, in this sequel to Rowland's well-received first novel, Shinju. The killings are made known when the severed heads of the victims are put on public display, in the manner of an ancient custom known as bundori, or war trophy. The victims are descendants of warriors who, more than a century earlier, were involved in the murder of a powerful warlord. As the killings continue, Sano, though hampered in his investigation by his devotion to the warrior-code of bushido and its precepts of silent obedience and service, suspects three of the most powerful men in the Shogunate, including Chamberlain Yanagisawa. Also complicating Sano's quest for the truth is a female ninja in Yanagisawa's power; aiding it are an eager young officer in the Tokyo police and a quirky old morgue attendant. Sano's allegiance to bushido…

Lust Or No Harm Done Geoff Ryman

From Publishers Weekly "Reality's got a hole in it." That's what runs through Michael Blasco's head when he discovers that he has the uncanny ability to bring his fantasies to life in this wacky, inspired third novel by Ryman (Was). The 38-year-old gay protagonist is a government scientist experimenting on baby chicks and has a flat in London 's West End with Phil, his passionless boyfriend. While seething on a subway platform, he imagines the beefy trainer at his gym stripping naked right in front of him-and poof-it happens! Terrified at first, Michael quickly regains his composure and wills into action a series of characters like Tarzan and cartoon diva Taffy Duck; narcissistically, he also conjures a copy of himself. His reunion with a long-lost high school sweetheart nicknamed Bottles proves to be touching and funny, but his meeting with Mark, a victim of AIDS, turns sad when Mark rebuffs his plea to revive him. In an effort to inject passion into his stagnant relationship, Michael…

A Year In Provence Peter Mayle

Amazon.com Review Who hasn't dreamed, on a mundane Monday or frowzy Friday, of chucking it all in and packing off to the south of France? Provençal cookbooks and guidebooks entice with provocatively fresh salads and azure skies, but is it really all Côtes-du-Rhône and fleur-de-lis? Author Peter Mayle answers that question with wit, warmth, and wicked candor in A Year in Provence, the chronicle of his own foray into Provençal domesticity. Beginning, appropriately enough, on New Year's Day with a divine luncheon in a quaint restaurant, Mayle sets the scene and pits his British sensibilities against it. "We had talked about it during the long gray winters and the damp green summers," he writes, "looked with an addict's longing at photographs of village markets and vineyards, dreamed of being woken up by the sun slanting through the bedroom window." He describes in loving detail the charming, 200-year-old farmhouse at the base of the Lubéron Mountains, its thick stone walls and well-tended…

Nie mów nikomu Harlan Coben

Od śmierci Elizabeth z rąk seryjnego zabójcy minęło osiem lat, ale młody lekarz David Beck nie potrafi o niej zapomnieć. Niespodziewanie pocztą elektroniczną otrzymuje niezbity dowód, że jego żona nadal żyje. Jak to możliwe, skoro jej ciało zostało zidentyfikowane ponad wszelką wątpliwość? "Bez pożegnania" – "Trzy dni przed śmiercią matka wyznała – to były niemal jej ostatnie słowa – że mój brat wciąż żyje" – tak zaczyna się najnowszy thriller Cobena. Od dnia, w którym brat Willa Kleina, Ken, zamordował Julię, jego byłą sympatię, minęło jedenaście lat. Ścigany międzynarodowymi listami gończymi, dosłownie zapadł się pod ziemię. Z czasem rodzina uznała go za zmarłego. Przeglądając dokumenty rodziców, Will natrafia na świeżo zrobione zdjęcie Kena. Wkrótce potem znika Sheila, narzeczona Willa.

Magicians of Gor John Norman

With the capital city of Ar the sway of the beautiful traitress Talena, a ruler placed in power by the Cosian invaders, Tarl Cabot and the Delta Brigade, the members of the underground force sworn to defeat Cos, must call upon the unique talents of master magician Boots Tarsk-Bit to recapture the precious Home Stone of vanquished Ar's Station. For snatching the Home Stone from the enemy's grasp may prove the vital ingredient in Tarl's desperate and deangerous compaign to rouse the people of Ar to fight on to regain their freedom from the hated foe..

The Vanished Melinda Metz

Max is on a mission to save Alex, who is stranded on the home planet. Alex may be lost or wounded--or worse. To get Alex back, Max knows he'll need one of the Stones of Midnight. If only he knew where to find one…Liz understands that Max can't rest until he finds Alex. And she's been busy herself--spending time with Roswell newcomer Adam. She's been having so much fun with Adam that Max is in danger…of being forgotten.

Na ratunek David Baldacci

W położonym na odludziu małym domku niedaleko Waszyngtonu, chronionym przez skomplikowany system bezpieczeństwa, FBI w tajemnicy przesłuchuje młodą kobietę – jednego z najważniejszych świadków w historii Biura… O kolejnym spotkaniu wie zaledwie kilka osób: jedną z nich jest prywatny detektyw Lee Adams, drugą zaś morderca wynajęty przez potężnego mocodawcę. Zanim Faith Lockhart zacznie mówić, płatny zabójca naciśnie na spust. Lockhart i Adams muszą uciekać… Prawdziwa rozgrywka jednak toczy się na najwyższych szczeblach władzy – w kuluarach waszyngtońskiego Kapitolu. David Baldacci to obecnie – obok takich sław jak John Grisham czy Richard North Patterson – najlepszy twórca thrillerów, zwłaszcza prawniczych. W Polsce ukazało się kilka jego powieści, m.in. Pełna kontrola, Wygrana, Dowód prawdy, Władza absolutna.

A Cualquier Precio David Baldacci

David Buchanan aplica sucias presiones para financiar causas honrosas. Robert Thornhill, un alto cargo de la CIA, descubre el juego y empieza a chantajearle, pues quiere devolver a la CIA el prestigio perdido. Faith Lockhart, una tercera persona implicada en este asunto, opina que se ha ido demasiado lejos y decide confesarlo todo al FBI. Su vida a partir de entonces tiene un precio

Dziedzictwo Bourne'a Erick Van Lustbader

David Webb – spokojny wykładowca na spokojnym uniwersytecie. Do dnia gdy kula snajpera chybia go o włos. Ten dzień oznacza dla Davida powrót do dawnej tożsamości – Jasona Bourne'a, superagenta CIA, wyszkolonego w sztuce zabijania i przeżycia. Znowu musi nie dać się zabić i odkryć, kto i dlaczego na niego poluje. Ale prawdę kryje ostatnie miejsce, do jakiego chciałby wrócić – jego przeszłość.

The Footprints of God Greg Iles

From Publishers Weekly The shoot-'em-up potential of spiritual subject matter has recently been profitably exploited by a number of writers (most notably James BeauSeigneur in his Christ Clone trilogy). In this compelling, science-based entry, Iles (Sleep No More; 24 Hours; The Quiet Game) gives his own particular spin on biblical mayhem. "My name is David Tennant, M.D. I'm professor of ethics at the University of Virginia Medical School, and if you're watching this tape, I'm dead." Tennant works for Project Trinity, a secret government organization attempting to build a quantum-level supercomputer. Using advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques, Tennant and five other top scientists have supplied Trinity, the experimental computer, with molecular copies of themselves as models for a neurological operating system. As Trinity comes to life, the men who control the experiment begin to split into competing factions, each determined to use the computer for his own ends. When Tennant…

Divine Justice David Baldacci

Known by his alias, "Oliver Stone," John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who destroyed Stone's life and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced. But his freedom comes at a steep price: The assassinations he carried out prompt the highest levels of the U.S. government to unleash a massive manhunt. Behind the scenes, master spy Macklin Hayes is playing a very personal game of cat and mouse. He, more than anyone, wants Stone dead. With their friend and unofficial leader in hiding, the members of the Camel Club risk everything to save him. Now, as the hunters close in, Stone's flight from the demons of his past will take him from the power corridors of Washington, D.C., to the small, isolated coal-mining town of Divine, Virginia-and into a world every bit as lethal as the one he left behind.