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The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Volume 3 Anne Tourney

This edition of Maxim Jakubowski’s Best New Erotica series auspiciously appears with a new collection of fiction from forty-eight artisans of the sensual. Selected from stories by more than 4,000 authors of erotica from around the world, these artful excursions into the libido represent the current states of desire in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and France. In this third new volume of voluptuary pursuits, tales by popular talents in the arts of titillation like Michel Faber, Michael Crawley, M. Christian, O’Neil De Noux, Alison Tyler, and Cara Bruce stand alongside stories from promising newcomers to the field of erotic fiction. All of them nonetheless share a standard of excellence and elegance that takes their often humorous, sometimes dark, and always original fictions far beyond tired conventions. So it is that John Grant presents “The Adventures of Thomas the Rock Star in the Court of the Queen of Faery,” while Cheyenne Blue depicts the misadventures…

The Indian War of 1864 Eugene Ware

Прекрасной историческое исследование о военых действиях против индейцев южных равнин в 1864 году

Silencio De Blanca José Somoza

Ganadora del XVIII Premio La Sonrisa Vertical, en 1996. Hector es un maduro y solitario profesor de piano, es, ademas, un maestro de la transfiguracion erotica que le lleva a recrear criaturas que, en ocasiones, forman parte de la realidad, como su aplicada alumna Elisa quien va cediendo a sus perversas insinuaciones. Sin embargo, es una misteriosa joven, Blanca, con la que ira inventando y poniendo en escena todas las ceremonias que el deseo les ordena celebrar. Precisa y turbadora. Una gran novela que confirma a un autor en estado de gracia.

The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie

No book in modern times has matched the uproar sparked by Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, which earned its author a death sentence. Furor aside, it is a marvelously erudite study of good and evil, a feast of language served up by a writer at the height of his powers, and a rollicking comic fable. The book begins with two Indians, Gibreel Farishta ("for fifteen years the biggest star in the history of the Indian movies") and Saladin Chamcha, a Bombay expatriate returning from his first visit to his homeland in 15 years, plummeting from the sky after the explosion of their jetliner, and proceeds through a series of metamorphoses, dreams and revelations. Rushdie's powers of invention are astonishing in this Whitbread Prize winner. From Publishers Weekly Banned in India before publication, this immense novel by Booker Prize-winner Rushdie ( Midnight's Children ) pits Good against Evil in a whimsical and fantastic tale. Two actors from India, "prancing" Gibreel Farishta and "buttony, pursed"…

One flew over cuckoo's nest Ken Kesey

Chief Bromden, half American-Indian, whom the authorities believe is deaf and dumb, tells the story of a mental institution ruled by Big Nurse on behalf of the all-powerful Combine. Into this terrifying grey world comes McMurphy, a brawling gambling man, who wages total war on behalf of his cowed fellow-inmates. What follows is at once hilarious and heroic, tragic and ultimately liberating. Since its first publication in 1962, Ken Kesey’s astonishing first novel has achieved the status of a contemporary classic. “Kesey can be funny, he can be lyrical, he can do dialogue, and he can write a muscular narrative. In fact there's not much better come out of America in the sixties… If you haven’t already read this book, do so. If you have, read it again” – Douglas Eadie, “Scotsman”.

The White Tiger Aravind Adiga

The Man Booker Prize 2008 Winner. Born in a village in heartland India, the son of a rickshaw puller, Balram is taken out of school by his family and put to work in a teashop. As he crushes coals and wipes tables, he nurses a dream of escape – of breaking away from the banks of Mother Ganga, into whose depths have seeped the remains of a hundred generations. The White Tiger is a tale of two Indias. Balram’s journey from darkness of village life to the light of entrepreneurial success is utterly amoral, brilliantly irreverent, deeply endearing and altogether unforgettable. *** From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. A brutal view of India 's class struggles is cunningly presented in Adiga's debut about a racist, homicidal chauffer. Balram Halwai is from the Darkness, born where India 's downtrodden and unlucky are destined to rot. Balram manages to escape his village and move to Delhi after being hired as a driver for a rich landlord. Telling his story in retrospect, the novel is a piecemeal…

Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry

Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry, the author of Terms of Endearment, is his long-awaited masterpiece, the major novel at last of the American West as it really was. A love story, an adventure, an American epic, Lonesome Dove embraces all the West – legend and fact, heroes and outlaws, whoeres and ladies, Indians and settlers – in a novel that recreates the central American experience, the most enduring of our national myths. Set in the late nineteenth century, Lonesome Dove is the story of a cattle drive from Texas to Montana – and much more. It is a drive that represents for everybody involved not only a daring, even a foolhardy, adventure, but a part of the American Dream – the attempt to carve out of the last remaining wilderness a new life. Agustus McCrae and W.F. Call are former Texas Rangers, partners and friends who have shared hardship and danger together without ever quite understanding (or wanting to understand) each other's deepest emotions. Gus is the romantic, a reluctant…

The Tao of Sex Jade Lee

What happens when a Chinese dragon meets an American tigress? Rowr! Discovering that she's a Tantric sex goddess has given Tracy Williams a new mantra: more, more, more... And the source of that divine revelation is her hunky Chinese-born erotica instructor. When her yin bumps up against his yang, she's literally communing with heaven. Now that he has awoken her inner power, Nathan Gao is obligated to bring Tracy to the sacred Hong Kong temple for a life of training and devotion. No matter how much he wants her for himself. But when he makes her choose--sex or love--is he ready for the consequences?

Sacred Clowns Tony Hillerman

Officer Chee attempts to solve two modern murders by deciphering the sacred clown’s ancient message to the people of the Tano pueblo. An Ancient Trust is Broken. During a Tano kachina ceremony something in the antics of the dancing koshare fills the air with tension. Moments later the clown is found brutally bludgeoned in the same manner that a reservation schoolteacher was killed just days before. In true Navajo style, Officer Jim Chee and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Tribal Police go back to the beginning to decipher the sacred clown’s message to the people of the Tano pueblo. Amid guarded tribal secrets and crooked Indian traders, they find a trail of blood that links a runaway schoolboy, two dead bodies, and the mysterious presence of a sacred artifact.

Febris эротика Ольга Агурбаш

Казалось бы, у Ирины есть все для того, чтобы быть счастливой. Любящий муж, две очаровательные дочери, интересная работа наконец. Но кто сказал, что человеку нельзя мечтать о большем? Самое сложное – найти свою настоящую любовь и вновь ощутить себя желанной. Почувствовать вдруг, что хочется совершать прекрасные глупости, забыв о наскучившей роли примерной матери и жены. Ирина встречает свою любовь на курорте, и ее сердце начинает биться в унисон запретным желаниям и страстям. «Febris erotica», или любовная лихорадка, – прекрасная болезнь всех влюбленных.…

Axis Robert Wilson

Wildly praised by readers and critics alike, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin won science fiction's highest honor, the Hugo Award for Best Novel. Now, in Spin's direct sequel, Wilson takes us to the "world next door"—the planet engineered by the mysterious Hypotheticals to support human life, and connected to Earth by way of the Arch that towers hundreds of miles over the Indian Ocean. Humans are colonizing this new world—and, predictably, fiercely exploiting its resources, chiefly large deposits of oil in the western deserts of the continent of Equatoria. Lise Adams is a young woman attempting to uncover the mystery of her father's disappearance ten years earlier. Turk Findley is an ex-sailor and sometimes-drifter. They come together when an infall of cometary dust seeds the planet with tiny remnant Hypothetical machines. Soon, this seemingly hospitable world will become very alien indeed—as the nature of time is once again twisted, by entities unknown.

Sea of Poppies Amitav Ghosh

At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean; its purpose, to fight China 's vicious nineteenth-century Opium Wars. As for the crew, they are a motley array of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts. In a time of colonial upheaval, fate has thrown together a diverse cast of Indians and Westerners, from a bankrupt raja to a widowed tribeswoman, from a mulatto American freedman to a freespirited French orphan. As their old family ties are washed away, they, like their historical counterparts, come to view themselves as jahaj-bhais, or ship-brothers. An unlikely dynasty is born, which will span continents, races, and generations. The vast sweep of this historical adventure spans the lush poppy fields of the Ganges, the rolling high seas, the exotic backstreets of China. But it is the panorama of characters, whose diaspora encapsulates the vexed colonial history of the East itself, that makes Sea of Poppies so breathtakingly…

The Last Kashmiri Rose Barbara Cleverly

This exciting new crime thriller introduces detective and World War 1 hero, Joe Sandilands. It is India 1922 and Britain is in her final flush of Empire. In Panikhat, 50 miles from Calcutta, the wives of officers in the Bengal Greys, a smart cavalry regiment, have been dying violently, one a year and each in March. The only link between them is the bunch of small red roses that mysteriously appears on the women's graves on the anniversary of their deaths. Joe is asked discreetly to investigate. It becomes clear to him that the deaths are indeed connected and that the series has not yet run its course. If he has it right there will be one more recipient of the Kashmiri Roses. With only days to go before the end of March and the time for the sixth murder can Joe with his modern policing methods and his faith in the new western science of psychological profiling uncover a murderer whose compulsions seem to be rooted in the dark soul of India itself? And is he hunting an Indian or a European…