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The Stepford Wives Ira Levin

The wives in Stepford are not exactly what you might call feisty, but they do keep nice homes. They wax and vacuum, and clean and dust all day long and late into the evenings, but they never complain. They are rather pleasing to look at too these Stepford ladies. They are round and shapely in all of the right places and in many ways they are model wives. When the Eberharts move to Stepford Joanna finds it hard to settle in the town. She finds the town's women weird. Not one of them ever seems to have time to pop over for a cup of coffee. They are much too busy keeping house. They do find time to go out every once in a while though, to do the shopping, and even that is done neatly; every item is perfectly stacked in their trolleys. Fortunately Joanna does manage to find a couple of friends who are normal. In fact one of them, Bobbie, is refreshingly slob-like. The other one, Charmaine, exudes elegance and is obsessed with tennis. She even has her own court in the garden, and so things are…

Little Red and the Wolf Alison Paige

Who said being eaten by the big bad wolf was a bad thing? Maizie Hood struggles to keep her bakery turning a profit, her landlord from evicting her, and her dear Granny in a nursing facility. Wrestling with the decision to sell Gran-s cottage is hard enough. The last thing she needs is her childhood big-bad-wolf nightmares turning into real-life adult fantasies. Sexy businessman Gray Lupo-s sudden interest just makes matters worse. Is he the answer to her problems, or just a wolf in gentleman-s Armani? Since his wife was killed twenty-one years ago, Gray-s life has been focused on two things: protecting the pack and avoiding the grown daughter of his wife-s killers. When it becomes clear he can-t do one without compromising the other, Gray finds playing -big bad wolf- to Maizie Hood-s -Little Red- is a role he enjoys far more than he expected. A real bad wolf-s attack on Maizie changes everything. Gray can-t deny the pull she has on his instincts-and his heart. Suddenly he finds himself…

The Wolf Prince Karen Kelley

Darcey is used to being a man magnet - for men who want her money. But when a hot hunk named Surlok saves her from a wolf attack, she can't help but think he's different from the rest. So what if he's broke - and claims to be a prince from another planet? All he needs is a little grooming. If only he would stop scaring off the maids by swimming naked in her pool. Not that Darcey minds...Especially since life is becoming way more fun with Surlok in her guest house. Suddenly this pampered princess doesn't mind camping - as long as she gets to cuddle with Surlock. But then he changes into a wolf before her eyes, proving he's the alien he says he is. At least that doesn't mean he's right about her being an alien. Or does it? There's only one way to find out. She's already given into her lust. Now she'd just have to surrender her heart to the very human emotion threatening to consume her...

The Sins of the Wolf Anne Perry

Nurse Hester Latterly finds herself well-suited for the position: accompany Mrs. Mary Farraline, an elderly Scottish lady with delicate health, on a short train trip to London. Yet Hester’s simple job takes a grave turn when the woman dies during the night. And when a postmortem examination of the body reveals a lethal dose of medicine, Hester is charged with murder-punishable by execution. The notorious case presents detective William Monk with a daunting task: find a calculating killer amongst the prominent and coolly unassailable Farraline clan. Since Hester must be tried in Edinburgh, where prejudice against her runs high, there is little that the highly skilled barrister Oliver Rathbone can do to help. He can only try to direct her Scottish lawyer from the frustrating sidelines, and pray that Hester will not be sent to the gallows…

The Wolf Age James Enge

Wuruyaaria: city of werewolves, whose raiders range over the dying northlands, capturing human beings for slaves or meat. Wuruyaaria: where a lone immortal maker wages a secret war against the Strange Gods of the Coranians. Wuruyaaria: a democracy where some are more equal than others, and a faction of outcast werewolves is determined to change the balance of power in a long, bloody election year. Their plans are laid; the challenges known; the risks accepted. But all schemes will shatter in the clash between two threats few had foreseen and none had fully understood: a monster from the north on a mission to poison the world, and a stranger from the south named Morlock Ambrosius.

The Big Bad Wolf James Patterson

THERE WAS AN IMPROBABLE MURDER STORY told about the Wolf that had made its way into police lore and then spread quickly from Washington to New York to London and to Moscow. No one knew if it was actually the Wolf. But it was never officially disproved, and it was consistent with other outrageous incidents in the Russian gangster's life

The Day before the Revolution Урсула Ле Гуин

NB! Has to be corrected according to russian translation (http://lib.rus.ec/b/69991). "The Day Before the Revolution" won the Nebula Award for the best science-fiction short story of 1974. Ursula's The Dispossessed won the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award for the best novel of 1974. The Le Guin award-winning spree began with her 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness, which won both the Nebula and Hugo awards and to my mind did more to exploit the potential of the science-fiction novel than anything published to that time; and it continued with her Hugo novella of 1971, "The Word for World Is Forest," her Hugo short story of 1973, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, and the 1973 National Book Award in children's literature for her novel The Farthest Shore. Ursula comes naturally to writing and science: her mother was an author, her father an anthropologist; her husband is a Portland State College professor of French history, and she herself, besides her family of three children, possesses…

The Happy Return Cecil Forester

Adventure fiction. June, 1808 – and off the Coast of Nicaragua Captain Horatio Hornblower has his hands full… Now in command of HMS Lydia, a thirty-six-gun frigate, Hornblower has instructions to form an alliance against the Spanish colonies with a mad and messianic revolutionary, El Supremo; to find a water route across the Central American isthmus; and ‘to take, sink, burn or destroy’ the fifty-gun Spanish ship of the line Natividad – or face court-martial. And as if that wasn't hard enough, Hornblower must also contend with the charms of an unwanted passenger: Lady Barbara Wellesley… This is the seventh of eleven books chronicling the adventures of C. S. Forester's inimitable nautical hero, Horatio Hornblower.

The Vampire's Assistant Darren Shan

Darren joins the vampire, Mr Crepsley, as his assistant and they return to the Cirque du Freak. There, Darren makes friends with the snake-boy, Evra Von (who knows what Darren is) and a local boy, Sam, and RV, an eco-warrior and animal lover (who do not). Darren begins to enjoy his life among the Cirque performers as the youngest half-vampire in existence, but he defiantly refuses to drink human blood — the whole idea sickens him — and he tries desperately to cling on to the part of him which is human. Darren comes face to face with pure evil in the form of Mr Tiny, the leader of the Little People who join the Cirque du Freak, and who eat anything — including human flesh. When he discovers animal bones, RV frees the wolf-man from his cage — and no-one could possibly guess how truly terrible the whole effect would be. The Vampire's Assistant follows some of the amazing characters from Cirque du Freak, and also introduces some more who truly blow the imagination.