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The History of Rome. Book II Theodor Mommsen

The History of Rome by Theodor Mommsen, translated by William Purdie Dickson

The History of Rome. Book III Theodor Mommsen

The History of Rome by Theodor Mommsen, translated by William Purdie Dickson

The history of Rome. Book IV Theodor Mommsen

The History of Rome by Theodor Mommsen, translated by William Purdie Dickson

The history of Rome. Book V Theodor Mommsen

The History of Rome by Theodor Mommsen, translated by William Purdie Dickson

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По размерам PocketBook 360 не больше ладони. Привычный чехол отсутствует, а вместо обложки используется пластмассовая крышка. Эта крышка не крепится к устройству – ее можно убрать в карман, или лучше прищелкнуть с тыльной стороны корпуса – для чего есть небольшие защелки на корпусе и крышке. Кнопки сфокусированы на одной, более широкой стороне корпуса. Это позволило сузить корпус с других сторон. Управление PocketBook 360 разработчики традиционно сконцентрировали на джойстике. Данная модель имеет внутреннюю и внешнюю память. В качестве внешней памяти…

Book of Shadows Cate Tiernan

Morgan and her best friend, Bree, are introduced to Wicca when a gorgeous senior named Cal invites them to join his new coven. Morgan falls for Cal immediately-and discovers that she has strong, inexplicable powers.

http://submarine.id.ru/strizjak.php Олег Стрижак

"Секреты Балтийского подплава" - произведение необычного жанра. Автор, опираясь на устные предания ветеранов Балтики и на сведения, которые просочились в подцензурной советской литературе, приподнимает завесу "совершенной секретности" над некоторыми событиями Великой Отечественной войны на Балтийском море.

The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories Раймонд Чандлер

Hillerman, author of the Joe Leaphorn mysteries, and Herbert, editor of The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing, trace this short-story genre from its beginnings in the hands of Edgar Allen Poe through its development by the likes of Erle Stanley Gardner, Mary Roberts Rinehart and Anthony Boucher to its current practice by such masters as Marcia Muller. Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," which established a great many of the whodunit conventions, is indispensable to such an overview. Raymond Chandler's "I'll be Waiting" emits a doom-laden atmosphere right from the first line; William Faulkner shows unexpected economy of language?and a transparent plot?in "An Error in Chemistry." Ed McBain scores high marks in "Small Homicide," in which the tiny details of a baby's untimely death resonate uncomfortably. As represented in this competent, unstartling collection, Linda Barnes ("Lucky Penny") easily outsasses Sue Grafton ("The Parker Shotgun"). Hillerman makes a solid appearance…

The Book of Changes Роберт Силверберг

The story presented here offers an episode dating back to a time before any of the Majipoor novels published so far — a period more than four thousand years before Valentine’s time, more than three thousand years before Prestimion. But its setting is ten thousand years after the time of the first human settlement, and the early history of Majipoor is already becoming legendary.

The Bad Book Affair Ian Sansom

Israel Armstrong – the hapless duffle coat wearing, navel-gazing librarian who solves crimes and domestic problems whilst driving a mobile library around the north coast of Ireland – finds himself on the brink of thirty. But any celebration, planned or otherwise, must be put on hold when a troubled teenager – the daughter of a local politician – mysteriously vanishes. Israel suspects the girl's disappearance has something to do with his lending her American Pastoral from the library's special "Unshelved" category. Now he has to find the lost teen before he's run out of town – while he attempts to recover from his recent breakup with his girlfriend, Gloria, and tries to figure out where in Tumdrum a Jewish vegetarian might celebrate his thirtieth birthday.

The Book of Lies Agota Kristof

An omnibus of novels: The Notebook – The Proof – The Third Lie These three internationally acclaimed novels have confirmed Agota Kristof's reputation as one of the most provocative exponents of new-wave European fiction. With all the stark simplicity of a fractured fairy tale, the trilogy tells the story of twin brothers, Claus and Lucas, locked in an agonizing bond that becomes a gripping allegory of the forces that have divided "brothers" in much of Europe since World War II. Kristof's postmodern saga begins with The Notebook, in which the brothers are children, lost in a country torn apart by conflict, who must learn every trick of evil and cruelty merely to survive. In The Proof, Lucas is challenging to prove his own identity and the existence of his missing brother, a defector to the "other side." The Third Lie, which closes the trilogy, is a biting parable of Eastern and Western Europe today and a deep exploration into the nature of identity, storytelling, and the truths and…

The Book of Secrets Том Харпер

In a snowbound village in the German mountains, a young woman discovers an extraordinary secret. Before she can reveal it, she disappears. All that survives is a picture of a mysterious medieval playing card that has perplexed scholars for centuries. Nick Ash does research for the FBI in New York. Six months ago his girlfriend Gillian walked out and broke his heart. Now he's the only person who can save her – if it's not too late. Within hours of getting her message, Nick finds himself on the run, delving deep into the past before it catches up with him. Hunted across Europe, Nick follows Gillian's trail into the heart of a five-hundred-year-old mystery. But across the centuries, powerful forces are closing around him. There are men who have devoted their lives to keeping the secret, and they will stop at nothing to protect it.