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Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays Zadie Smith

A non fiction book One of Zadie Smith's great gifts as a novelist is her openness: both to character and ideas in her stories, and to what a novel itself should be. That she's a novelist was clear as soon she broke through with White Teeth in her early twenties, but what kind she'll be (or will be next) seems open to change. Which all, along with her consistent intelligence, grace, and wit, makes her an ideal essayist too, especially for the sort of "occasional essays" collected for the first time in Changing My Mind. She can make the case equally for the cozy "middle way" of E.M. Forster and the most purposefully demanding of David Foster Wallace's stories, both as a reader and, you imagine, as a writer who is considering their methods for her own. The occasions in this book didn't only bring her to write about writers, though: she also investigates, among other subjects, Katherine Hepburn, Liberia, and Barack Obama (through the lens of Pygmalion), and, in the collection's finest piece,…

The Canterville Ghost (Illustrated by WALLACE GOLDSMITH) Oscar Wilde

An amusing chronicle of the tribulations of the Ghost of Canterville Chase when his ancestral halls became the home of the American Minister to the Court of St. James

Innocent In Death J. Robb

The phenomenal series set in a future New York City returns as NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher-and uncovers some extraordinary surprises. Craig Foster's death devastated his young wife, who'd sent him to work that day with a lovingly packed lunch. It shocked his colleagues at the private school, too, and as for the ten-year-old girls who found him in his classroom in a pool of bodily fluids-they may have been traumatized for life. Eve soon determines that Foster's homemade lunch was tainted with deadly ricin, and that Mr. Foster's colleagues have some startling secrets of their own. It's Eve's job to sort it out- and discover why someone would have done this to a man who seemed so inoffensive, so pleasant… so innocent. Now Magdalena Percell… there's someone Eve can picture as a murder victim. Possibly at Eve's own hands. The slinky blonde-an old flame of her billionaire husband, Roarke-has arrived in New York, and she's anything but…

Death Dance Linda Fairstein

From Publishers Weekly Reunited with fellow Manhattan crime scene investigators Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, brazen, outspoken Alexandra Cooper, assistant DA for the sex crimes prosecution unit, tackles the case of a murdered dancer with the Royal Ballet. While it was no secret that "world-renowned" Russian ballerina Natalya Galinova had a bad attitude and a cuckolded husband, that she was tossed, undetected, into the cooling unit at the Metropolitan Opera House still comes as a shock, even to a whole slew of suspects, among them her agent, Rinaldo; Broadway kingpin and voyeur Joe Berk; Berk's shady niece Mona; and the Met's slippery artistic director, Chet Dobbis. Varied clues paired with the fascinating theatrical spadework involved in the opera business lead to a sidewalk electrocution and several sabotaged stage sets. As additional suspects are tacked on, concurrent evidence and motives surface and the stage becomes increasingly deadly for everyone involved, especially Alex. Running…

Cold Hit Linda Fairstein

The third in Linda Fairstein's gripping and authentic series of crime novels featuring Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper. With aplomb, style and sharp compassion for her "clients" Coop again unravels the truth behind murder in partnership with homicide detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace. The victim is Deni Caxton, third wife to the heir of a steel baron and a leading New York art dealer in her own right. As Coop, Chapman and Mercer investigate her brutal killing they strip away the elegant and refined façade of her marriage and the international art world to reveal a tangle of cut-throat business dealings, over blown egos and distorted passions. They find that the rich have the same motives for murder as the poorest killer – money, revenge, love and hate – and they rapidly discover that a veneer of artistic 'civilisation' doesn't prevent the use of blackmail or violence, not even when officers of the law stand in the way.

The Bone Vault Linda Fairstein

Following the critically acclaimed and top ten Best Seller The Deadhouse, Linda Fairstein now takes us behind the scenes of some of New York's magnificent and mysterious institutions in her most electrifying Alexandra Cooper thriller yet. The Bone Vault begins in the glorious Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where wealthy donors have gathered to hear plans for a controversial new exhibit. An uneasy mix of scholarship and showbiz. The exhibition has raised fierce opposition from some of the museum's elite: IMAX time trips and Rembrandt refrigerator magnets have no place for them at the Met. Assistant DA Alex Cooper, off duty for the evening, observes the proceedings with bemused interest until the Met director suddenly pulls her aside: the body of a young researcher has been found in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Teaming up with cops Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, Alex must penetrate the silent sentinels comprising New York's museum society, investigating not only…

Play Dirty Sandra Brown

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown is backwith a gripping story of obsession and its deadly consequences. After five long years in federal prison, Griff Burkett is a free man. But the disgraced Cowboys quarterback can never return to life as he knew it before he was caught cheating. In a place where football is practically a religion, Griff committed a cardinal sin, and no one is forgiving. Foster Speakman, owner and CEO of SunSouth Airlines, and his wife, Laura, are a golden couple. Successful and wealthy, they lived a charmed life before fate cruelly intervened and denied them the one thing they wanted most – a child. It's said that money can't buy everything. But it can buy a disgraced football player fresh out of prison and out of prospects. The job Griff agrees to do for the Speakmans demands secrecy. But he soon finds himself once again in the spotlight of suspicion. An unsolved murder comes back to haunt him in the form of his nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, who has made…

Killer Heat Linda Fairstein

Success can never be guaranteed in every case Alexandra Cooper prosecutes, but for once the odds are with her for putting away a serial rapist for a crime he committed over twenty years previously, but outside the courtroom another predator is at large. His first victim was a call-girl, a cat-o-nine-tails discovered near her body, and it seems as though Detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace need to look amongst her clients for the killer, but the discovery of other corpses, the modus operandi remarkably similar to the first, turns the investigation into a hunt for a random and viciously sadistic murderer. A part of his signature is that in the humid heat of summer he leaves his victims' remains in some of the least populated parts of New York – a derelict office building, an abandoned fort on an island below Manhattan. Alex fears it may be another twenty years before they can identify this monster, each day bringing the dread of news of another killing, then she, Chapman and Mercer…

Пересадочная станция (Way Station) Клиффорд Саймак

Enoch Wallace survived Gettysburg and made it home to his parents' farm. It was then that Enoch met the being called Ulysses and the farm became a way station for space travellers. Now, nearly 100 years later, the US government is taking an interest in the seemingly immortal Enoch. http://books.fantasticfiction.co.uk/n0/n3483.htm В романе Саймака «Пересадочная станция» читатель знакомится с неким американцем, которому инопланетный разум преподнес бесценный дар – бессмертие. В обмен герой должен некую станцию, пересадочный пункт внеземных существ. Проблематика, как всегда, «саймаковская». Передача и обмен знаниями, включение землян в Галактический союз http://zhurnal.lib.ru/l/lopuhow_d_b/hugo55_78.shtml Контакт…

El Documento R Irving Wallace

El Documento R, la fantástica historia de una conspiración que pretende derogar la Ley de Derechos de los Estados Unidos y que está dirigida entre bastidores por el FBI. En un trasfondo de creciente violencia, Wallace pone frente a frente dos fuerzas opuestas: por una parte, aquellos que tratan de modificar la Constitución para que el gobierno pueda imponer sin miramientos un programa de `ley y orden`, por otra, quienes creen que tras la Enmienda XXXV se oculta un plan de mayor alcance que tiene por fin subvertir el proceso del gobierno constitucional y reemplazarlo por un estado policíaco. Los protagonistas de ambas posturas son Vernon T. Tynan, el poderoso director del FBI, y Christopher Collins, el nuevo secretario de Justicia, hombre ambicioso pero lleno de honradez. Las dudas iniciales de Collins se ven reavivadas en el lecho de muerte de su predecesor, quien le pone en guardia contra el `Documento R`, clave misteriosa del futuro de toda la nación. En su búsqueda de este vital…

The Prize Irving Wallace

‘THE NOBEL FOUNDATION OF STOCKHOLM IS PLEASED TO INFORM YOU THAT YOU HAVE TODAY BEEN VOTED THIS YEARS NOBEL PRIZE STOP THE AWARD CEREMONY WILL TAKE PLACE IN STOCKHOLM’… Six people receive the cable of notification; men and women for whom the only common factor is the Nobel citation-‘for researches in support of humanitarian ideals’. These are the major actors in Irving Wallace’s exciting, behind-the-headlines story of the Nobel Prize, five men and a woman elected to receive the supreme palm of mankind’s honours, to be fêted as almost superhuman beings, their achievements to be discussed and applauded, their private lives to be spotlighted in the blinding glare of international publicity. As they converge on Stockholm, The Prize evolves into an explosive evocation of the maze of political intrigue and personal conflict that surrounds and seeks to influence the awards; of the pressures brought to bear on the juries that decide the awards; of international ploy and counter-ploy…

First Comes Marriage Mary Balogh

When Elliot Wallace, Viscount Lyngate, arrives in Throckbridge, the small village is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming Valentine's Day dance. The ladies of the town are busy gussying up for the ball and gossiping about the viscount's mysterious arrival, but Elliot has more urgent matters to attend to. His arrival marks a mission to retrieve the rightful Earl of Merton, while his promise he has made to find a wife by Christmas weighs heavily on his mind. When Elliot meets the new young earl, Stephen Huxtable, and his three sisters, the disagreeable Margaret, the cheery Katherine, and the plain, widowed Vanessa, he becomes absorbed in the family's life. Could it be possible that with the Huxtables he's found both an Earl and wife? If Elliot thinks he's hit two birds with one stone, to which sister will he cast his throw...and will she catch the bait before she discovers his ulterior motives?

Агент марсианской федерации Джеймс Хоган

Original title - «Assassin» Published: · May 1978 in «Stellar 4» ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey (contents: We Who Stole the Dream · James Tiptree, Jr.; Animal Lover · Stephen R. Donaldson; Snake Eyes · Alan Dean Foster; The Last Decision · Ben Bova; The Deimos Plague · Charles Sheffield; Assassin · James P. Hogan; About the Authors · Misc.); · 1988 in «Minds, Machines and Evolution».

Be Still My Vampire Heart Kerrelyn Sparks

If it was still beating. Angus MacKay has been undead for almost five hundred years and it's not often something, or someone, surprises him. Until Emma Wallace. The sight of this luscious agent from the CIA's elite Stake-Out team was enough to stop Angus in his tracks. But then he discovers that she's a vampire slayer, intent on killing the «monsters» who killed her parents. And it's Angus's job to stop her. The only good vampire is a dead vampire. It's been Emma's motto since she committed her life to the destruction of these things. Now Angus MacKay wants to convince her differently. Sure, he's a sexy Highland warrior who seems to have stepped off the cover of a romance novel, complete with brogue, kilt, and sword, but he's also one of them. And it's her job to kill him. The war is on, but will it end in the destruction of one or both of them. . or in total surrender to a passion for the ages?

A Faraway Island Annika Thor

Mildred L. Batchelder Award Torn from their homeland, two Jewish sisters find refuge in Sweden. It's the summer of 1939. Two Jewish sisters from Vienna -12-year-old Stephie Steiner and 8-year-old Nellie-are sent to Sweden to escape the Nazis. They expect to stay there six months, until their parents can flee to Amsterdam; then all four will go to America. But as the world war intensifies, the girls remain, each with her own host family, on a rugged island off the western coast of Sweden. Nellie quickly settles in to her new surroundings. She’s happy with her foster family and soon favors the Swedish language over her native German. Not so for Stephie, who finds it hard to adapt; she feels stranded at the end of the world, with a foster mother who’s as cold and unforgiving as the island itself. Her main worry, though, is her parents-and whether she will ever see them again.

Zaginiona Ewangelia Irving Walace

Ponad pięćset stron pochłonęłam w trzy dosłownie wieczory. Na okładce napisane jest że jest to thriller "a'la kod da Vinci Dana Browna" a moim zdaniem to Kod powinien być nazwany powieścią a'la "Zaginiona Ewangelia". Po pierwsze dlatego ze powieść Wallace powstała początkiem lat siedemdziesiątych ubiegłego wieku. Nie ma w niej w porównaniu z Kodem żadnych technicznych super-urządzeń ratujących głownego bohatera z każdej opresji. W "Zaginionej ewangelii" nie ma nawet telefonów komórkowych a bohaterowie używają jedynie pagerów. Musze powiedzieć że powieść mi sie podobała, choć przyznam że bardzo długo sie rozkręca. Trzeba przebrnąć przez około 200 stron a potem to już nie wiadomo jak szybko ksiązka sie kończy. Bałam sie troche zakończenia bo niestety często sie zdarza że powieść jest swietna ale zakończenie rozczarowuje. U Wallace zakończenie nie jest banalne i zaskoczyło mnie w takim pozytywnym sensie. Z miłą chęcią sięgnę po kolejną…

The Diving Pool Yôko Ogawa

A collection of stories The first major English translation of one of contemporary Japan's bestselling and most celebrated authors From Akutagawa Prize – winning author Yoko Ogawa comes a trio of novellas about love, motherhood, fertility, obsession, and how even the most innocent gestures contain a hairline crack of cruel intent. A lonely teenaged girl falls in love with her foster brother as she watches him leap from a high diving board into a pool-a peculiar infatuation that sends unexpected ripples through her life. A young woman records the daily moods of her pregnant sister in a diary, taking meticulous note of a pregnancy which may or may not be a hallucination-but whose hallucination is it, hers or her sister's? A woman nostalgically visits her old college dormitory on the outskirts of Tokyo, a boarding house run by a mysterious triple amputee with one leg. Hauntingly spare, beautiful, and twisted, The Diving Pool is a disquieting and at times darkly humorous collection of novellas…

Count to Ten Karen Rose

The UK debut of Karen Rose – an outstanding new talent for Headline. A young boy and his brother are abandoned by their mother and end up in the foster-care system. Let down by everyone who should have looked out for them, the boys fall prey to the abusers they meet. Is it any wonder one of them loses his mind and develops a taste for matches and revenge? Years later, Reed Solliday, of Chicago's Fire Department, is determined to find an arsonist whose actions have just escalated to murder. With the police now involved, Reed is paired with Detective Mia Mitchell, on her first assignment since her father's death and her partner's shooting. Solliday and Mitchell know the violence is escalating and the death toll is rising. With no apparent connection between the deaths, they are at a loss until their attention focuses on a young offenders institution and the misfits within… Take a breath. Count to ten. And watch their world explode.

Trece Runas Michael Peinkofer

Escocia, siglo XIX, un secreto y una oscura hermandad pueden cambiar la historia de Inglaterra. Con la muerte en extrañas circunstancias de un ayudante del escritor Walter Scott arranca una serie de sucesos inquietantes. Pero las pesquisas que emprende sir Walter chocan repetidamente contra muros de silencio. ¿Qué esconde el inspector llegado ex profeso de Londres? ¿Qué secreto protegen desde hace siglos los monjes de la abadía de Kelso? ¿Qué presagios encierra la espada marcada con una runa a la que conducen las investigaciones de sir Walter y su sobrino Quentin? Pronto culminará una maquinación por el poder cuyo origen se remonta a la Edad Media, una trama enraizada en oscuras tradiciones druídicas, en el antiguo enfrentamiento entre los héroes escoceses William Wallace -más conocido como Braveheart-y el rey Roberto I de Escocia, y en la lucha de dos sectas centenarias por evitar o provocar el nuevo advenimiento de la edad de la magia