Sylvia Day

Heat of the Night

The second book in the Dream Guardians series, 2007

To my family, who have been so tremendously supportive of my career with nary a complaint about how much I work/write. Releasing nine books in one year takes a lot out of a writer, and they paid the price with such grace and love.

Thank you for embracing my dream and adjusting your lives to suit it. There are no words to express how much that means to me. You give me strength.

I love you.


Thanks go out to my critique partner, Annette McCleave (, who helped me find the focus of the beginning of this book.

Hugs go out to fabulous authors and dear friends Renee Luke, Sasha White, and Jordan Summers who were there on the other side of the IM window when I needed someone to listen, commiserate, and give me a swift kick in the @ss.

To my sister, Samara Day, who puts up with me and my aversion to talking on the phone.

You are one of the precious lights in my life, Sam. I have loved you with all my heart from the day you were born. As you've grown into a woman I admire and respect, I only love you more. You are a blessing I am grateful for every day.

Beware of the Key that opens the Lock

and reveals the Truth.

Chapter 1

The Twilight

Connor Bruce took out the nearest guard with a perfectly aimed blow dart.

It was a split-second assault, but the tranquilizer took a bit longer to work than that. The guard had time to yank the dart free and withdraw his glaive before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed to the floor in a puddle of red garments.

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